Our Capabilities

Renfro offers a complete solution all the way from start to finish:

  1. Design
  2. Sample Building
  3. Straight & Cut Wire
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Powder Coating
  6. Graphics & Signage
  7. Shipping
  8. Warehousing


DesignRenfro Industries has 3 full time designers on staff with over 80 years of experience. Renfro Industries can design a cost effective display that can make you money! The best way to envision your product on a display is to have that actual display in your hands, that’s why we employ the best and fastest sample builders in the business.

We give them their own equipment so the production department doesn’t slow down their endeavor. Renfro Industries builds accurate samples swiftly so you can get your product in the hands of consumers.

Sample Building Design Team

Sample Building Design TeamThe fixture builder holds the key to efficient manufacturing of display equipment.

They must know product design machine capabilities, electrode inventory and the operator’s physical capabilities.

Renfo Industries has two fixture builders with a combined experience of 16 years in the business.

From Coils of Wire to Straight and Cut Wire

From Coils of Wire to Straight and Cut WireThe straight and cut department takes coils of wire, removes the coil set, and cuts the wire to exacting dimensions.

This process sounds easy, but it is not. Straightening wire takes a lot of knowledge about rigidity and metallurgic properties.

Straightening wire is more art than science and the Renfro “artists” are the Da vinci’s of the business.


ManufacturingRenfro Industries, Inc. is a state of the art full line manufacturing facility centrally located in the USA.

With manufacturing and warehouse space exceeding 200,000 square feet, Renfro Industries, Inc. is quite capable of producing various quantities of in stock and custom designed P.O.P. displays.

Powder Coating

Power CoatingWe have two powder coating lines and use quick change hoppers so that we can go from one color to the next within an hour. Our line can run anywhere from one to twenty-five feet per minute. Both our lines have automatic guns and two gun final touch-up capabilities, so that each product is coated to perfection.

Customers can choose from over twenty stock colors, or can request custom colors to fit their needs. We welcome our new or existing customers to come and view our facility so that they might see exactly what we are capable of.

Graphics & Signage

Graphics and SignageWe offer complete graphic design, layout and production services on-site to complete your Point of Purchase (POP) needs.

Our in-house team has years of experience and will work with you to make your product seen and sell.

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ShippingWe have established agreements with transportation companies that deliver the product to you for the most cost effective delivery prices or you can arrange your own transportation.

Orders may be held for 90 days after being completed for your convenience.


WarehousingRenfro Industries distinctive warehousing system is one of the most useful benefits for customers buying in large quantities. Having an extensive collection of warehouses gives us the ability to take on large orders, manufacture the order, and ship it just as the customer needs it.We will ship your order as you need it to relieve strain on the receiving end which increases efficiency.

Rather than having a huge shipment of products come in at once, we will hold products and ship them to meet our customers’ needs. Products can be held at no cost for up to 90 days after the order has been completed. This unique feature keeps us competitive, because it saves our customers huge warehousing expenses. All existing and even potential customers are welcome to stop by and check out are facility, so that they can see firsthand how we are set up.